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  The staff, service, and quality of the work is outstanding!!!
  글쓴이 : Brian (115.♡.204.90)     날짜 : 11-06-01 23:53     조회 : 1407    
Brian, from US, 26 May 11

 Wow! As someone with bad teeth, I always look for the best dentists where I live. Dr. Park and her staff were able to complete multiple crowns, several fillings, and laser whitening in no time flat and for a great price. The staff, service, and quality of the work is outstanding. Even though I've left Korea, it would be worth traveling back to have her complete more work in the future. I reviewed at least a dozen different dentists in Seoul before choosing Boston Park, and I'm glad I did. As a foreigner in Korea, there really is no other choice for a high quality dentist, friendly staff, and a great price.


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